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Silver lithography glass processing method

Silver lithography glass processing method: First, the plate glass was washed with clean water and then completely coated with paraffin. Then, various patterns were engraved on the paraffin, and the glass surface was corroded with a 1:5 hydrofluoric acid solution. Finally, the hydrofluoric acid is removed and paraffin wax is removed, and the glass is […]


Frosted glass processing method

Frosted glass processing method: Flat glass to be processed is first placed on a workbench with a taffeta or a cotton blanket, and then a suitable amount of fine emery is piled on the glass surface, and the emery is reversed with a thick porcelain bowl, and the bowl bottom is rotated with both hands […]


Glass Production Process

Production Process mainly include: 1 raw material processing. The crushed raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed, the wet raw materials are dried, and the iron-containing raw materials are iron-removed to ensure the quality of the glass. 2 batch material preparation. 3 melting. The glass batch material is heated at a […]


Glass raw material

The main raw materials for glass production are glass formers, glass trimmers and glass intermediates, and the rest are auxiliary raw materials. The main raw materials refer to the oxides, intermediate oxides, and extra-network oxides introduced into the glass forming network; the auxiliary raw materials include clarifiers, fluxes, opacifiers, colorants, decolorizing agents, oxidants, and reducing […]


Fire-resistant glass

There are five main types of fire-resistant glass, one is a laminated fire-retardant glass, the other is a fire-resistant glass, the third is a special fire-resistant glass, the fourth is a hollow fire-resistant glass, and the fifth is a high-strength, single-layer, antimony and potassium fireproof glass. Of course, science and technology are constantly developing, so […]


Automotive area tempered glass

Tempered glass is a new type of tempered glass. After special treatment, it can maintain a certain degree of clarity in cracks in the glass when subjected to impact rupture, ensuring that the driver’s visual field is not affected. Mostly used for car windshield and instrument protection screen.


Automotive laminated glass

Laminated glass refers to the use of a transparent adhesive plastic film affixed between two or three layers of glass, combining the toughness of the plastic with the rigidity of the glass, increasing the resistance of the glass to crushing, still broken after Visibility can be maintained. Used for car windshields.


Glass characteristics classification

Glass is divided into performance characteristics: tempered glass, porous glass (ie, foamed glass, pore size of about 40nm, for seawater desalination, virus filtration, etc.), conductive glass (used as electrodes and aircraft windshield), glass-ceramics , opaque glass (used for lighting devices, decorative items, etc.) and insulating glass (used as door and window glass), etc.


Silicate glass

Silicate glass refers to glass whose basic component is SiO2. It has many varieties and is widely used. According to different content of SiO2 and alkali metal and alkaline earth metal oxide in glass, it is divided into: 1.Quartz glass. SiO2 content is more than 99.5%, thermal expansion coefficient is low, high temperature resistance, good […]


Glass ingredient Ⅲ

(10) Protective glass (appropriate auxiliary material is added during the ordinary glass manufacturing process, which has the function of protecting personal safety by preventing the penetration of strong light, strong heat, or radiation. For example, gray – dichromate, iron oxide absorbs ultraviolet light And partially visible light; blue-green—nickel oxide, ferrous oxide absorbs infrared and partially […]