Door locks standards

Door locks US standards and national industry standards

Square tongue static pressure

National business norm: the square tongue static load can be used in the end of its acceptance of 1000N

American Standard: Square Tongue Static Pressure Test>6000N

  1. Handle torque

National business norms: the handle is accepting 5Nm can still be used abnormally

US specification: outside lock and unlocked handle torque >50Nm

  1. The US standard is divided into 1-3 levels for the panel, chain, and lock tongues. The charge is 100-700 joules.
  2. American lock body compression: 1 level > 16000N, 2 level > 11000N, level 3 > 4400N
  3. Life test

National business norms: 100,000 for level 1 and 50,000 for square tongue

Kenyan specification: 1 million for level 1 and 300,000 for level 2

US norm: 1 million times

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