Door lock purchase tips

1, type

Generally, there are many types of door locks on the market, and there are many choices of styles. However, we must know that the types of them are different and the functions are different. Therefore, when purchasing a door lock, it is necessary to clarify the door that you need. The size of the lock function and style.

2, safety level

Generally, different door locks have a certain difference in price and functionality, and different locks have different guarantees. The a-level lock on the market is the worst, so it is not recommended to buy, and the door lock must have at least b level, which is the most secure.

3, pay attention to the brand

When we are buying a door lock, we must choose some well-known brands of door locks, so that quality and safety will be more secure.

In summary, the classification of the door locks is still relatively large, so we must choose the correct one according to the door lock function and the actual size that we need to purchase. The most important thing is to select the level of the lock. A little bit, this will really bring us security.

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