Metal handle

The metal handle is the most widely used in the furniture cabinet. The handle can be embedded in the high-end cabinet fittings of the new popular elements. The handle is made by a new process and produced according to artistic standards.

The plated handles are popular antiques and fashionable colors. The representative colors can be: bronze, white ancient, ancient coffee, ancient silver, black, gold, chrome, pearl silver and other home colors. Different colors can be plated depending on the style of the consumer’s room.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the color of aluminum alloy handles is now matt, bright, champagne, sandblasted silver and so on. In addition to electrophoresis, spraying and other processes, the color of metal handles is more diverse. The hardware handle is part of the decorative hardware and is mainly used for furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture.

The shower room hardware handle has a decorative effect, but the main function is to pull cooperation. The functionality of the shower handle is far greater than its decorative effect.

The hardware handles are produced according to different consumer requirements, and they are constantly integrated into new elements.

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