Anti-theft door lock standard

Door locks are widely used and can be seen every day, but there are many levels of security door locks, that is, anti-theft levels. The following is a comparison table of anti-theft door lock anti-theft technical indicators. According to this comparison table, we can understand the safety performance of our own door-level locks.

NO. Inspection project technical standards Class A (national standard) Class B (national standard) Super B (Enterprise Standard)
1 Anti-theft door resists abnormal opening time 15min 30min 30min
2 Anti-drilling damage time 15min 30min 30min
3 Anti-saw damage time 5min 10min 10min
4 Flood prevention time 15min 30min 30min
5 Tensile damage time 15min 30min 30min
6 Impact damage time 15min 30min 30min
7 Anti-technology open time 1min 5min 260min
8 Interoperability rate ≤0.03% ≤0.01% ≤0.0004%

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