Tips for choose handle Ⅳ

Handle appearance selection: Check the surface color and protective film of the handle, with or without damage and scratches. The quality of the handle is firstly studied from the surface treatment. A good sanding handle should be a relatively dark color to give a steady feeling; the half-sand should be straight in the place where […]


Tips for choose handle Ⅲ

Handle selection for different places of use: If it is an entry door, the requirements for safety and firmness are relatively high. Therefore, when purchasing a handle for the entrance door, it is best not to choose a plastic handle. The porch is one of the key decorative parts in the living room. The handles […]


Tips for choose handle Ⅱ

Style choice: The handle style needs to match the overall home decoration style. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to choose the handle of the corresponding style. In general, the copper handle is hard and the style is retro, suitable for European style furniture; the ceramic handle reflects the Chinese classical style, suitable for Chinese classical […]


Tips for choose handle Ⅰ

Size selection: Handle to buy, first need to consider the size of the handle to match the size of doors and windows, furniture cabinet doors. If the door and window cabinet door is small but has a large handle, it is not suitable. On the contrary, the door is large, and it is not convenient […]


Metal handle

The metal handle is the most widely used in the furniture cabinet. The handle can be embedded in the high-end cabinet fittings of the new popular elements. The handle is made by a new process and produced according to artistic standards. The plated handles are popular antiques and fashionable colors. The representative colors can be: […]


Door lock purchase tips

1, type Generally, there are many types of door locks on the market, and there are many choices of styles. However, we must know that the types of them are different and the functions are different. Therefore, when purchasing a door lock, it is necessary to clarify the door that you need. The size of […]


Door locks standards

Door locks US standards and national industry standards Square tongue static pressure National business norm: the square tongue static load can be used in the end of its acceptance of 1000N American Standard: Square Tongue Static Pressure Test>6000N Handle torque National business norms: the handle is accepting 5Nm can still be used abnormally US specification: […]


Door lock maintenance

Different from the commercial hardware standard, the civilian hardware accessories have been used for a long time, and it is prone to many problems here and there. Especially the door locks, such high-load operating parts, have a long service life, and it is inevitable that there will be some trouble. It is often found that […]


Electronic door lock

Electronic door locks have emerged with the development of electronic technology. They are incomparable to mechanical locks in terms of ease of use, anti-illegal opening, and intelligent management. Therefore, they are widely used in industries with high safety requirements. Commonly used in the market are magnetic cards, IC cards, TM cards, and RF card electronic […]


Anti-theft door lock standard

Door locks are widely used and can be seen every day, but there are many levels of security door locks, that is, anti-theft levels. The following is a comparison table of anti-theft door lock anti-theft technical indicators. According to this comparison table, we can understand the safety performance of our own door-level locks. NO. Inspection […]