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Physical state of glass Ⅱ

The reason for this structure of glass is that the viscosity of glass changes too fast with temperature, and the crystallization rate is too slow. When the temperature drops and the crystal just begins, the viscosity has become very large, and the movement of the atoms is limited, resulting in this result. Therefore, the glassy […]


Physical state of glass Ⅰ

Glass is not completely solid Glass is neither crystalline nor amorphous, neither polycrystalline nor mixed. The theoretical name is glassy. The characteristics of the glassy state at room temperature are: short-range order, that is, in the range of several or dozens of atoms, the atoms are arranged in an orderly manner, present crystal characteristics, and […]


Method of wiping glass

1,Wipe the glass: wipe the glass frame with a towel first, then dip the diluted glass aqueous solution with a glass scraper, apply the glass evenly from top to bottom, repeat the above procedure, and use a glass scraper to scrape from top to bottom. Dry towel to wipe the water marks left on the […]


Glass maintenance

1, do not usually hit the glass surface with force, in order to prevent scratches on the glass surface, it is best to spread the tablecloth. When you put something on glass furniture, you must handle it gently and avoid collision. 2, daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper, in case of stains […]


Glass decorative characteristic

Decorative 1,Colored glass: effectively absorbs solar radiant heat to achieve energy-saving effect of shielding heat; absorbs more visible light and makes the transmitted light softer; absorbs ultraviolet rays more strongly and prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting the interior; the color is beautiful and durable, and increases the appearance of buildings. 2,Coated glass: better insulation and […]


Glass characteristic Safety

Safety 1,Tempered glass: It has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, good thermal stability, and it is not easy to hurt after being broken and it is not easy to blew. 2, wire glass: the debris will not be scattered after the shock or temperature change; can prevent flame spread in a short time; have a […]


Glass characteristic decoration

Decoration 1、Colored flat glass: It can be made into various groups, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and easy cleaning. 2, glazed glass: a good chemical stability and decorative. 3, embossed glass, spray glass, milk glass, cut glass, ice glass: According to the different patterns of their respective production process, there […]


Glass characteristic lens

lens 1.Good fluoroscopy and light transmission properties (30%, 5 mm thick lens glasses have a visible light transmittance of 87% and 84%, respectively). The transmission rate of near-infrared heat rays in sunlight is high, but far-infrared long-wave heat rays generated by reflection of visible light refracted to the indoor ceiling and furniture and fabrics are […]


Silver lithography glass processing method

Silver lithography glass processing method: First, the plate glass was washed with clean water and then completely coated with paraffin. Then, various patterns were engraved on the paraffin, and the glass surface was corroded with a 1:5 hydrofluoric acid solution. Finally, the hydrofluoric acid is removed and paraffin wax is removed, and the glass is […]


Frosted glass processing method

Frosted glass processing method: Flat glass to be processed is first placed on a workbench with a taffeta or a cotton blanket, and then a suitable amount of fine emery is piled on the glass surface, and the emery is reversed with a thick porcelain bowl, and the bowl bottom is rotated with both hands […]