Method of wiping glass

1,Wipe the glass: wipe the glass frame with a towel first, then dip the diluted glass aqueous solution with a glass scraper, apply the glass evenly from top to bottom, repeat the above procedure, and use a glass scraper to scrape from top to bottom. Dry towel to wipe the water marks left on the frame, the water mark on the glass must use a glass wipe clean, otherwise it will leave a trail on the glass.

2,Reconcile vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2 and place in a spray. Spray on the glass and rub it again to wipe it clean.

3,Add 5% of the Amonia solution or gasoline to the water basin. Use it to clean the glass. When the glass is slightly dry and wipe it clean with a dry cloth, the glass will be spotless and bright and transparent. When wiping the glass, you can use different types of window cleaners to see if you are wiping double or single glass. The use of window cleaner is convenient, labor-saving and safe.

4, If the glass surface has a moldy phenomenon, the ratio of hydrofluoric acid (HF) to water 1:8 can be reconciled (Note: Exceeding 1:8 will cause damage to the hand), wipe the glass. Note: Be sure to do a good job of corrosion protection, the skin can not contact HF, otherwise it will seriously corrode! After wiping the glass, wipe it again with clean water and dry the glass.

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