Glass characteristic lens


1.Good fluoroscopy and light transmission properties (30%, 5 mm thick lens glasses have a visible light transmittance of 87% and 84%, respectively). The transmission rate of near-infrared heat rays in sunlight is high, but far-infrared long-wave heat rays generated by reflection of visible light refracted to the indoor ceiling and furniture and fabrics are effectively blocked, and thus can produce a clear “warm house effect”. . The net glass has a lower transmission rate of ultraviolet rays in sunlight;

2, sound insulation, a certain degree of insulation performance;

3, the tensile strength is far less than the compressive strength, is a typical brittle material;

4.It has high chemical stability. Under normal circumstances, it has strong resistance to acid and alkali salts and chemical reagents. However, long-term exposure to aggressive media can also lead to deterioration and destruction, such as weathering of glass. Both mildew and mildew can cause damage to the appearance and reduce light transmission;

5, poor thermal stability, extremely cold and hot and prone to burst.



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