Zinc-based alloys entered the era of “microcrystalline alloys”Ⅰ

In July 1990, the first International Nano Science and Technology Conference was held in Baltimore, USA, marking the official birth of nanoscience and technology. The conference officially announced that nanomaterial science is a new branch of materials science.

In 1999, nanotechnology went to the market, and the global annual turnover of nanotechnology-based products reached 50 billion US dollars. Some countries have formulated relevant strategies or plans and invested heavily in the high-tech strategic high ground. Japan set up a nanomaterials research center to include nanotechnology in the research and development of the new five-year science and technology basic plan; Germany has established a nanotechnology research network; the United States regards nanotechnology as the core of the next industrial revolution; China also lists nanotechnology as China’s “973 Plan.”

In 2001, it was derived from a technology branch derived from nanotechnology–micro-nano application technology. The micro-nano application technology in developed countries has been applied in the field of basic materials and has achieved amazing results. Especially the microcrystalline alloy materials produced by the application of micro-nano technology are exerting profound influence on human beings and have completely changed people’s thinking. the way.

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