Zinc-based alloys entered the era of “microcrystalline alloys”Ⅲ

Zinc-based microcrystalline alloy can meet the special requirements of single-item performance. It is an important mark different from traditional ordinary anti-friction alloy. It realizes the customized production of anti-friction materials for equipment manufacturing industry, and meets the individualized demand of equipment manufacturing. The high efficiency, high precision, high reliability and low cost of equipment manufacturing provide a strong guarantee.

In 2010, the series of friction reducing products made of zinc-based microcrystalline alloy, such as bearing bush, bushing, worm gear, skateboard and silk nut, have been successfully used in the forging equipment manufacturing industry, CNC machine tool manufacturing industry, gear reduction manufacturing industry, heavy mines. It has been applied in the equipment manufacturing industry and engineering machinery manufacturing industry.

Zinc-based microcrystalline alloy products have successfully replaced traditional antifriction alloys and new antifriction alloy products with high reliability and stability, and achieved good social benefits and huge economic benefits, marking the development of China’s zinc-based alloys into “micro” Crystal alloy era.

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