Zinc alloy select

Which zinc alloy to choose, mainly considering three aspects

  1. The use of the die casting itself requires the performance requirements to be met. include:

(1) Mechanical properties, tensile strength, is the maximum resistance when the material breaks;

Elongation is a measure of material brittleness and plasticity;

Hardness is the resistance of the surface of the material to the plastic deformation caused by the intrusion or friction of the hard material.

(2) Working environment status: working temperature, humidity, medium in contact with the workpiece and air tightness requirements.

(3) Accuracy requirements: Accuracy and dimensional stability that can be achieved.

  1. Good process performance:

(1) casting process;

(2) Machining processability;

(3) Surface treatment processability.

  1. Good economy: the cost of raw materials and the requirements for production equipment (including melting equipment, die casting machines, molds, etc.), as well as production costs.

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