The development of zinc alloy Ⅱ

In 1959, the International Lead and Zinc Organization member unit jointly launched a scientific research project named “LONG-S PLAN”, whose purpose is to develop a higher performance and longer service life than copper-based alloys and babbitt alloys. A new generation of antifriction alloys, the antifriction alloy in this development is called long-s metal in this plan.

From 1961 to 1963, the members of the International Lead and Zinc Group took the lead in the development of aluminum-based long-s metal antifriction alloys, the grades were AS7, AS12, AS20 and so on. The aluminum-based alloys AS7 and AS12 were first applied to the automobile to replace the traditional copper-based alloy bearing bushes, which greatly improved the high-speed performance of the automobile and promoted the rapid development of the automobile industry. After that, the aluminum-based alloy AS20 was large. Medium-sized motors, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, industrial pumps, blowers, compressors, etc. have been applied under high-speed, medium-low load conditions, replacing traditional babbitt alloys, which has promoted the rapid development of equipment manufacturing.

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