The development of domestic zinc alloy Ⅱ

In 1985, with the support of Ms. Chen Shuzhi, the deputy governor of Liaoning Province, and the relevant leadership of the Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, the Shenyang Bearing Material Research Institute, which is composed of the technical backbone of the Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, was established, specializing in the introduction of foreign countries. Long-s metal technology to promote the development and promotion of domestic “long alloy” technology.

In 1991, Shenyang Bearing Materials Research Institute first developed high-aluminum-zinc-based ZA303 alloy material on the basis of zinc-based ZA27-2 alloy, which solved the shortcomings of ZA27-2 low-temperature brittleness, and passed the science and technology of Shenyang City. The scientific and technological achievements of the committee have been identified. Since then, the “Long alloy” technology has been widely spread and technical exchanges in major universities and research institutes in China, which has promoted the rapid development of China’s “Long alloy”.

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