The development of domestic zinc alloy Ⅰ

Because the new long-s metal zinc alloy and the traditional babbitt alloy can be used to manufacture sliding bearings, and the manufacturing cost is much lower than that of the Babbitt alloy, the long-s metal is transliterated into “Long’s alloy” in China. Long-s metal is a new antifriction alloy, and more people are used to call it a new type of bearing alloy.

In 1982, the Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, the focal point of the national foundry technology, introduced the long-s metal ZA27 zinc alloy in the American ASTM B791-1979 standard. After nearly two years of digestion and absorption, the domestic zinc-based ZA27 new bearing alloy was developed. The national standard code is ZA27-2, which marks the beginning of the development of China’s new anti-friction alloy.

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