Special glass Ⅰ

Ordinary plate glass

1, 3 – 4 centimeters of glass, mm also known as PCT or in daily life. What we call 3 PCT glass refers to glass with a thickness of 3mm. This type of glass is mainly used for picture frame surfaces.

2, 5-6 centimeters of glass, mainly used for exterior wall windows, doors and other small area light modeling and so on.

3, 7–9 centimeters of glass, mainly used for large screens such as indoor screens but with frame protection.

Flat glass illustration

4, 9–10 centimeters of glass can be used for indoor large-scale partition, railings and other decoration projects.

5, 11–12 centimeters of glass, can be used for floor spring glass door and a large number of active pedestrians.

6, more than 15 centimeters of the glass, generally less on the market, often need to order, mainly for large-scale floor spring glass doors and exterior wall whole glass wall.

wardrobe door handles

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