Luxury handle lock

It is eye-catching or hidden. In the use of functional furniture, the handle should be hidden, so as not to interfere with the owner’s use, the handle of the food decoration cabinet can be adapted to its own eye-catching style, choose a pair of gloss and contrast with furniture color Head handle.

(1) The entrance is one of the key decorative parts in the living room. The handle of the entrance cabinet can emphasize its decoration.

(2) Two luxurious and beautiful handles are mounted on the symmetrical decorative door.

(3) Shoe cabinets should be selected with a single-handed handle with a color close to the board.

(4) The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to be similar to the color of the stone on the electric device or TV counter surface, such as black, gray, dark green, and gold-colored exposed handles.

(5) The furniture of the study or studio can imitate the practice of the office building, and choose the handle of the simple and correct.

(6) There are not many cabinet doors in the bathroom. It is suitable to select ceramic or plexiglass handles with miniature single-head ball. The color or material should be similar to the cabinet.

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