Glass ingredient Ⅱ

Various common glass ingredient:

(1) Ordinary glass (Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2, or Na2O.CaO.6SiO2).

(2) Quartz glass (Glass made of pure quartz as the main raw material, the composition is only SiO2).

(3) Tempered glass (same composition as ordinary glass).

(4) Potassium glass (K2O, CaO, SiO2).

(5) Borate glass (SiO2, B2O3).

(6) Colored glass (In the ordinary glass manufacturing process, add some metal oxides. Cu2O – red; CuO – blue-green; CdO – light yellow; Co2O3 – blue; Ni2O3 – dark green; MnO2 – Blue-purple; colloidal Au – red; colloidal Ag – yellow).

(7) Color-changing glass (high-grade colored glass using a rare earth element oxide as a colorant).

(8) Optical glass (In the ordinary borosilicate glass raw materials, add a small amount of light sensitive substances, such as AgCl, AgBr, etc., and then add a very small amount of sensitizer, such as CuO, so that the glass becomes more light sensitive).

(9) Rainbow glass (made by adding a large amount of fluoride, a small amount of sensitizer and bromide to common glass raw materials).


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