Emerging Technologies Ⅲ

Anti-theft glass

The glass developed by a Hungarian research institute is a multi-layered structure with extremely thin metal wires embedded in the middle of each layer. When the thief breaks the glass, the alarm system connected to the metal wire will immediately give an alarm signal.

Soundproof glass

A Japanese company introduced technology from Germany to create a new type of soundproof glass. This glass is made of a soft resin with a thickness of 5 mm to bond the two layers of glass together, which can absorb almost all the noise, especially suitable for use in studios and studios. Its price is five times that of ordinary glass.

Air conditioning glass

This is a double-glazed process that delivers the heat to the glass interlayer and through the air holes to the interior instead of the radiator. This not only saves energy, but also is convenient, soundproof and dustproof. In the summer, it can be changed to send air-conditioning.

Vacuum glass

The vacuum glass developed by Japan Flat Glass Co., Ltd. is a vacuum layer with a spacing of 1 mm and 100 mm between two glass sheets with a thickness of 3 mm. The layer has a small cylindrical support in the layer to prevent external atmospheric pressure. The pieces of glass are stuck together. This vacuum glass is only 6.2 mm thick and can be mounted directly on a general window frame. It has good thermal and acoustic insulation and is suitable for windows in residential and high-rise buildings.

Smart glass

The transparency of the glass developed by the United States varies with the angle of view. It has a special polymer film whose astigmatism, thickness, area and form can be freely chosen by the manufacturer, and it can be used for protection. And shielding.

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