Established in 1999,ZhuHai YiJia Crystal Co., ltd.is mainly engaged in the design,development,production and sale of crystal knobs & handles. The company is very experienced in melting, molding,post forming and cool working. The company has formed the advantages of Innovation, Global Sale, Quality and Cost and established its strong status in the field.
Zhuhai Yijia has established strong partnerships with many famous manufacturers of Lock, Furniture, Kitchen and Bath from Europe,America, Middle East and Asia.The main products of Zhuhai Yijia are crystal knobs & handles for cabinet, drawer,cupboard and door, which are widely praised and more and more favored by consumers in Europe & America market.

Our Services

Provide crystal glass door handle, cabinet handle, wardrobe handeand other furniture handle, door handle. Add a touch of light to your furniture.

Our Vision

18 years we have been exploring how to make the product more perfect, how to really get the price close to customers, the quality is higher than imagined. From the beginning of our corporate values ​​is: every time inscribed, are the perfect skills; EACH ENGRAVED, HAVE DONE A PERFECT SKILLS; EVERY CUT AND POLISH, ARE TREADING ON THIN ICE AS TO EXPLORE;WE HAVE EXHAUSTED ALL POSSIBLE, OBSESSED WITH THE DETALLS OF THE PERFECT, PRIME, NATURAL APPEAR. Whether it is before or now or the future, we are Bingzhe with the highest quality products to return customers on our products and the company’s support and trust. The future company will be more focused on product development and quality improvement, only the quality of customer satisfaction is really satisfied, and now the company’s products a lot, but only the next one is the most perfect. Hope to be able to witness the growth of the company together with you, give us valuable advice.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Love life and serious life, to customer service is my pleasure.

Brief History of Our Company

March, 2015

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February, 2015

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March, 2015

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May, 2012

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eleven Neember 1999

ZHUHAI YIJIA CRYSTAL CO., LTD. was established

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