Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls


K9 highest grade quality clear crystal

Copper Sealing oil base

Model code: 545-70-TFY

Crystal diameter: 70mm or customized

Total height: 42mm

Weight:220 g

Usage: Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, new home gifts



Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls

Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls is the crystal technology and the actual life, the perfect combination of art and furniture. Crystal transparent and bright certainly can bring new fashion highlights to modern furniture. Light through the refraction of the crystal, so that crystal handle is very bright, very dynamic, like a mosaic in the furniture. Coupled with the bottom of the silver plating silver, these effects is  strengthen. This is the unique effect that other handles do not have!

They dress a door beautifully and can give real character to both old and new doors. Perfect for giving a new lease of life to a tired old door.

Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls detail (1)

Real shot pictures, so you really observe the nature of the product shape. Transparent colorless crystal handle as shown in the figure, bright and bright, clear and pure and transparent, and the environment reflects each other, to the furniture and decoration home environment by adding light!

Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls detail (2)

Flower is a beautiful design of cupboard door knobs, ideal for decorating home furniture

Suitable for decorating chest of drawers, bedroom furniture, set of cupboards, dresser or kitchen furniture and cabinets.

These are ideal for a room and can decorate your home without many changes.

Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls detail (3)

Easy to fit. Screws from the back/ base. These crystal knobs are crafted for delicate use as stylish decorative items.

The correct screw will be given to ensure they will fit perfectly.

how to install?

In the place where your furniture is installed, such as drawer baffle, door baffle, glass plate, playing hole, you can directly screw the handle on the crystal. Crystal handle base against the front of the baffle, baffle in the middle, the screw in the back through the baffle, through the screwdriver or professional machine, screw into the base screw hole, the crystal handle can be stuck in the furniture.


Product name Rose Crystal Drawer Pulls
Model code 545-70-TFY
Style European popular
Usage any door Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, new home gifts
Material Crystal glass & Copper
Color Clear
Metal base Finish Sealing oil base
Size Crystal ball diameter: 70mm

Total height: 42mm

Weight 220g
Accessories Matching Screw
Package 1 pc into one inner box,

20 inner box into one inner box,

10 inner boxes into one export carton.

Independent packaging, Special requirement acceptable

Place of origin ZhuHai, GuangDong, China (Mainland).

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