Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs


K9 highest grade quality clear crystal ball

Copper black base

Crystal diameter:35mm or customized

Total height:46mm

Weight: 75g

Usage: Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, new home gifts

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Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs

Crystal handle my company’s main product, my company is also focused on the development of products. My company has a strong production capacity and product development capabilities. Crystal handle a wide variety of styles, colors and diverse, as far as possible to meet the modern guest users to crystal handle diverse needs and choices.

Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs detail (1)

K9 highest grade quality crystal glass material colorless and transparent, with each bubble ball in the regular distribution of different sizes of bubbles and ribbon, which makes the crystal ball is unique.

Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs detail (2)

Crystal handle hardware accessories – base excellent quality: base with professional production and professional plating of zinc aluminum alloy hardware accessories. It’s hardware surface silver smooth and detailed. Is the so-called good horse with a good saddle. With high-quality hardware accessories, the entire crystal handle to reach the high grade!

Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs detail (3)

Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs uses automatic machine grinding crystal bubble ball and digital control production process, so that the rules of the ball smooth, so the light refractive index is good, coupled with the magnification of the sphere, which makes the crystal even more fantastic fantasy.

Different legth srews

Crystal handle installation easy to use: crystal handle the base of the bottom of a screw hole. Each crystal handle in the independent packaging, supporting the rust-proof zinc-plated screws.

how to choose screws

how to install?

In the place where your furniture is installed, such as drawer baffle, door baffle, glass plate, playing hole, you can directly screw the handle on the crystal. Crystal handle base against the front of the baffle, baffle in the middle, the screw in the back through the baffle, through the screwdriver or professional machine, screw into the base screw hole, the crystal handle can be stuck in the furniture.


Product name Pellet Ribbon Bubble Draw Knobs
Model code 116-35-TDNG
Style European popular
Usage any door Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, new home gifts
Material Crystal glass & Copper
Color Clear
Metal base  black base
Size Crystal ball diameter:35 mm

Total height: 46mm

Weight 75g
Accessories Matching Screw
Package 1 pc into one inner box,

12inner box into one inner box,

10 inner boxes into one export carton.

Independent packaging, Special requirement acceptable

Place of origin ZhuHai, GuangDong, China (Mainland).

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