Knob picture collection

    Life has always been colorful, like our handle products, the basic colors are there, there is always one you like. In addition to the diversification of color, the handle of the practical function is also very powerful, it as hardware furniture accessories, can be used in the home cabinets, wardrobe, shoe, wine cabinet, […]


Door handle installed

    This video is a brief introduction to how to install the door handle, in fact our door is easy to install is also very simple. In order to meet the customer’s service concept, we have been trying to design, develop, manufacture the most suitable product life. Life is to enjoy when you buy our […]



  Established in 1999,ZhuHai YiJia Crystal Co., mainly engaged in the design,development,production and sale of crystal knobs & handles. The company is very experienced in melting, molding,post forming and cool working. The company has formed the advantages of Innovation, Global Sale, Quality and Cost and established its strong status in the field. Zhuhai Yijia […]


Furniture accessories display

  Only a single handle product picture, it is difficult to really understand the product installed on the furniture is what effect, we deliberately make this video to help you more intuitive understanding of the knob products in the actual home decoration application what is the effect. There are many different styles of furniture, also […]